Puzzable is a social game allowing you to send photos to family and friends. They'll receive your image (with a personalized message) as a jigsaw puzzle.


You'll have 3 game modes to choose from:

Play Now, Messages, or Challenges.


About Us



Pictures between friends can be pieced together in your own time or while competing  in a race against the clock. A faster time earns coins to unlock more puzzle packs or power ups for the next round.

While spontaneous selfies are great to update

 friends about the awesome things you're

 doing, you can always kick back and relax

 with a puzzle from one of our beautifully

themed puzzle packs.


Whether for fun, communication, or competition,

Puzzable aims to bring you closer together one piece at a time.

Our Team



Ghedalia Gold-Pastor

CEO, 417 App Studios,LLC



Zach Matz

COO 417 App Studios,LLC



Puzzable is interested in partnering with your organization. Sponsor a puzzle pack to facilitate donations and raise awareness for your causes.


By sponsoring a puzzle pack we will provide you with the opportunity to share your photos and messages as content within our iOS & Android app.


Our users will interact with these photos by completing them as puzzles and sending them to friends


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